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november 24, 2008
  • How-to: SSH met X11 forwarding
    Posted October 10, 2008

    SSH is een mooi systeem om op afstand te kunnen inloggen op de commandoregel van Linux. In deze how-to zal ik uitleggen hoe je binnen die SSH server ook grafische programma’s kunt openen. De programma’s worden uitgevoerd op de server, en kun je openen op de client. Dit biedt mooie mogelijkheden. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een krachtige centrale server, met een aantal computers met oude hardware die op deze manier toch nog snel kunnen werken (de (thin)clients)! Ik zal hier bespreken hoe je een SSH server opzet, hoe je vervolgens op de client inlogt, en hoe je X11 forward, zodat je op de client ook grafische programma’s kunt openen. Als extra zal ik nog bespreken hoe je inlogt op je server via SSH in Windows, ook met grafische programma’s, en bovendien zal ik laten zien hoe je in Windows de volledige desktop environment van je server kan starten!


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november 15, 2008
  • Your Office Suite

    Better interoperability

    Go-oo has built in OpenXML import filters and it will import your Microsoft Works files. Compared with up-stream OO.o, it has better Microsoft binary file support (with eg. fields support), and it will import WordPerfect graphics beautifully. If you are reliant on Excel VBA macros – then Go-oo offers the best macro fidelity too. If you expect your spreadsheets to calculate compatibly, or you get embedded Visio diagrams in your documents, you'll want Go-oo.

  • The demands for fast transfer of large volumes of data, and the deployment of the network infrastructures to support the demand are ever increasing. However, the dominant network transport protocol of today, TCP, does not meet this demand. The slow response of TCP in fast long distance networks leaves sizeable unused bandwidth in such networks. BIC TCP and CUBIC are congestion control protocols designed to remedy this problem. Our goal is to design a protocol that can scale its performance up to several tens of gigabits per second over high-speed long distance networks while maintaining strong fairness, stability and TCP friendliness.

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november 12, 2008
  • That question has been rattling around in my mind for the last few days, as the chatter about the role of the cloud in business IT has intensified. The discussion to date has largely had a retrospective cast, focusing on the costs and benefits of shifting existing IT functions and operations from in-house data centers into the cloud. How can the cloud absorb what we're already doing? is the question that's being asked, and answering it means grappling with such fraught issues as security, reliability, interoperability, and so forth. To be sure, this is an important discussion, but I fear it obscures a bigger and ultimately more interesting question: What does the cloud allow us to do that we couldn't do before?

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november 8, 2008
  • In a vote of historic proportions yesterday, Senator Barack Obama became President-Elect of the United States of America with a 52% majority in the popular vote, and more than 349 electoral votes. Over two years of campaigning was resolved with a record voter turnout, as the Republican candidate John McCain conceded graciously at 11:20 pm eastern last night. With such a high level of interest and attention, there have been millions of words written and photographs taken of the candidates over the past year. Here is a collection of some of the best photos of President-Elect Barack Obama over the past several months. (35 photos total)

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november 6, 2008

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november 4, 2008