links for 2009-11-08

  • Phun is an educational, entertaining and somewhat (!) addictive piece of software for playing around in a 2D physics sandbox in a cartoony fashion. Phun is not just another game, but is intended to bring in interactive physics as an enabling technology for entirely new concepts and usage patterns in creative computing for animation, simulation, narrativity, engineering, art and education.

    Phun has deep gameplay, where you combine problem solving with creativity and artistry, and therefore Phun is both educational and entertaining, and much enjoyed by children as well as adults. Still, we think Phun is just the beginning…

    Phun was developed by Emil Ernerfeldt in his MSc thesis project at the Department of Computing Science at Umeå university, supervised by Kenneth Bodin, VRlab/HPC2N.

    Originally, the MSc project that lead to Phun was announced by Kenneth Bodin as a project for a the science center, Umevatoriet, in Umeå. However, Emil went way beyond this and Phun has found its way t


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